Looking for business cards that offer a truly WOW factor? These incredible wood or acrylic cards are just the thing to make people stop and take note. Rest assured that at the end of a long day at a conference or trade show, your card will stand out from the rest!

Cards are available in a beautiful aircraft-grade plywood that is strong and stunning, yet only the thickness of a credit card, as well as clear acrylic or a fantastic two color acrylic. This product has a colored core and then a second color acting as a top coat. What this means is that as you engrave into the acrylic, the top coat is vaporized, thus allowing the main color to show up. In this way we can offer exciting two color cards, with a range of combinations available. All cards can be cut with specialty corners or edging and can also include cut out areas within the card itself. This is offered as a free bonus to our customers.

With a minimum order of 50 (2x3.5") cards, layout and pre-production services are provided. This means we take your existing business card design and optimize it for the laser, or take an existing logo and lay out a business card for you. If you need design services (i.e. you are starting from scratch and need a logo/corporate identity created as well), this is available for $250 and you receive all the logo files as well for future use.

In the case of business cards, 10=tree, so an order of 100 cards would plant 10 trees, and 1000 cards would plant 100 trees where they are needed most!


  1. Use the Contact Us form to the left or email us (info [at] skog.ca) to get started.
  2. If you have an existing business card/logo design, we'll ask you to mail that to us. Our favorite file type is .ai (illustrator), but we can also work with .tiff, .jpg, .psd, .indd, .png, and others. Email if you have a question, and remember to embed or otherwise send all fonts and images. Again, let us know if you need help!
  3. Chose your material and quantity and send a 50% deposit on the order (we'll provide payment instructions depending on your location and situation). If you are interested in acrylic, just let us know and we will go over your options with you.
  4. We will confirm a final quote, including shipping, and send you a digital proof of your cards.
  5. Once you approve the digital proof, we'll run a 'first off' and take 3–5 photos of the sample card so you can see it at various angles and get a true sense of the finished product.
  6. After you approve the file based on the photos, we'll run the full order and get it shipped off to you as soon as possible, typically within about two weeks, but often even less.
  7. Wow all your clients at your next big event!


  • Wood: $1.50/each, plus applicable design fees (see above). For two-sided engraving, the second side is $0.50/each. For orders below 50, a $50 setup fee is charged, regardless of whether you have a design or not.
  • Acrylic: $2.00/each, plus applicable design fees (see above). For two-sided engraving (only available on two-color acrylic), the second side is $0.50/each. For orders below 50, a $50 setup fee is charged, regardless of whether you have a design or not.